About Blue Blanket Jeans

Blue Blanket Jeans was established in 2010 by Antonio Di Battista, a denim expert, and collector.

The brand's aim is to create jeans using the finest elements. To achieve this, we utilize Italian and Japanese pure indigo selvedge raw denim, Italian design, and craftsmanship, as well as draw inspiration from historical US jeans details and construction.

Blue Blanket is a contemporary 'Old fashioned' brand specializing in blue jeans, jackets, and overalls.

Antonio Di Battista has been involved in the denim business for over 25 years and has preserved an archive of approximately 2000 denim garments of historical interest, often drawing inspiration from them.

He takes inspiration from vintage items because he likes to connect with real objects and works to modernize this inspiration through a study of the right fitting.

Another essential goal of the Blue Blanket Jeans brand is to produce RAW blue jeans with the advice to wear them as long as possible without washing them frequently to achieve the true used look and preserve the dark indigo.

We exclusively make unwashed denim because we are fascinated by the idea of how the jeans in our hands have been shaped by the labor done in them. Following our advice, the jeans will retain their attractive patina from the time spent wearing them.

Now you will understand why our claim is#neverwithout

Blue Blanket Sustainability

Our products are environmentally sustainable by nature we have always used 100% cotton fabrics, copper or steel accessories, labels in leather or jacquard cotton, we sew with cotton thread, the indigo we use is 100% pure vegetal, Our jeans are unwashed so we don’t care to communicate this much we just need to have a clear conscience…

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