Blue Blanket X Candiani Riserva

Blue Blanket x Candiani RISERVA celebrates the rich history of jeans, honoring the pivotal moments and countries that shaped this iconic garment.

From the birth of indigo fabric in 16th century Italy to the invention of 5-pocket-fit jeans in the United States and the meticulous preservation of jeans' legacy in Japan, this collection pays homage to the heritage of Italian, US, and Japanese denim.

Candiani cherishes the legacy of Italian denim with RISERVA, a collection of authentic selvedge fabrics made on vintage shuttle looms. Blue Blanket x Candiani RISERVA recreates iconic pieces from the 1890s to the 1950s from the vintage denim garments archive of Antonio Di Battista using Candiani's selvedge denim.

These replicas, blending textile heritage, high quality, and authentic aesthetics, were produced by Italian artisans under the instructions of Antonio, who designed them to keep all their original details intact.